BMX Bikes

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Whether you're a racer or a stunt rider, the BMX world is continuing to flourish thanks in no small part to BMX racing becoming an official medal-winning sport at the Olympics in 2008.

These specially-designed bikes differ from traditional bikes with their much smaller frames and wheels helping riders to negotiate the tricky terrain and obstacles put in their way, and many have got into the sport as a result of the high adrenaline riding involved. Even the biggest names in cycling have started building BMX bikes, enabling them to expand their own range of cycles and use their existing expertise - combined with the ongoing development of BMX bikes - to deliver some of the very best frames, components and wheels on the market. Scott, GT, Saracen, Raleigh and many, many more have all moved into the BMX market and you'll find a vast range of models right here at Tweeks Cycles.

So, whether you're a beginner looking to move into BMX riding or an experienced rider looking for your next challenge, you've come to the right place.