City & Hybrid Bike Tyres

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Hybrid and city tyres have a hard life when you think about it. Not only are they subjected to thousands of miles a year in all conditions, they’re also expected to be puncture resistant, to cope with debris on gravel paths and city streets, to be grippy enough to inspire confidence in wet conditions, to roll well so you don’t arrive in work a horrible sweaty mess and should last for more miles than many non-cyclists would consider reasonable to do on a pedal-powered bike (we said it was a hard life!)

Thankfully our range of hybrid and city tyres is more than up the task, with tyres from a range of renowned brands like Schwalbe and Continental who have tested their hybrid bike tyres and their city tyres extensively so you can be sure to find a high quality style that ticks all your boxes right here. From puncture proof road-bike style tyres to 20 inch tyres for folding bikes, if you need new bike tyres for your commuting companion you need look no further!