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As your point of contact with trail or tarmac, it's fair to say wheels and tyres are pretty important parts to get right!  Simply changing tyres can transform a bike, if struggling for grip on steep, wet and muddy trails a quick tyre change can turn an uncontrollable death-trap of bike into a mud-slaying, confidence inspiring ride that eats loose berms for breakfast. Likewise, a set of heavy puncture proof tyres are great if you spend all your time commuting in the city, but are going to feel like a drag on a long mountain climb on your road bike at the weekend. We stock a huge range of tyres to suit all kinds of bikes and riding conditions, so no matter what you need for your bike, we've got you covered.

Wheels are important, as a lighter set of wheels can quickly turn a sluggish feeling bike into an absolute rocket ship on climbs, leaving your mates way behind as you steam towards the top way out in front. On the other hand, if you're a heavy weight downhill brawler a lightweight set of XC wheels are not going to cut the mustard, at least not for very long! Whether you need a deep section set of wheels for your aero road or TT bike, or if you're looking for the ultimate enduro wheelset that perfectly blends low weight and strength, you're in the right place!