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Chainrings might seem pretty plain and simple but in terms of design they are some of the most complex and aesthetically pleasing components you’ll find on a modern bike. With fancy hybrid construction methods combining as many 3 materials in a single ring, intricate shift-gates to help provide smooth shifts between rings and narrow-wide teeth profiles to help keep you chain on over rough terrain, chainrings are anything but simple - they're just a beautiful piece of engineering!

Chainrings, as we know, are heavily involved in the process of delivering the power from the pedals to the rear wheels of the bike and any kind of deterioration can result in a drop in performance meaning you need to exert more effort - which is never good! Thankfully we have a huge range of road bike and MTB chainrings to suit every need and pretty much any crankset imaginable, so if you need new chainrings for your bike this is the place to find them!