Headset Bearings & Spacers

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If you're noticing an unusual noise or an unusual amount of movement when you turn the handlebars of your bike then it's time to start investigating the reason why. It doesn't matter if you're on a road or a mountain bike, a painful grinding sound could be down to worn headset bearings meaning that your control on the direction your bike takes is reduced - and you definitely don't want anything below the optimum in terms of control!

Headset bearings are usually located at the top and bottom of the headset, ensuring that the bars remain in the ideal place and turn as far as they should, when they should. Unfortunately, just like wheel bearings on a car these can start to wear and stop working meaning you get excessive play in the steering and this needs to be resolved at the earliest opportunity.

If you're experiencing this kind of issue on your bike then we've got a wide range of headset spares and accessories including headset bearings and spacers that will help you not only combat the problem, but resolve it quickly so you can get back out on your bike in full control.