Road & Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

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Since their introduction in mountain biking the early 1990’s, disc brakes have come a long way. You can now even find lightweight disc brakes on road and time trial bikes! Disc brakes provide the best braking possible on a bike, with incredible power, excellent control and easy maintenance. Most disc brakes are hydraulic, using synthetic mineral oil or DOT fluid to push the pistons against the brake rotor to bring you to a halt in a quick and controlled manner. Like many other components, disc brakes come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, with lighter brakes with smaller calipers and rotors designed for lightweight cross country, road and gravel bikes through to brakes with massive 4 or even 6 piston calipers that will haul even the heaviest, most aggressive riders and e-bikes to halt in double quick time. We stock a huge range of disc brakes to suit all disciplines, riding styles and budgets, so if you fancy a brake upgrade then this is the place to scratch that upgrade itch!