Road Brake Levers

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Road bike brake levers differ from MTB levers as some offer the capability to change gear as well as to apply the brakes. Of course, their primary focus is as a brake lever, sending the message down to the brakes that you need them to slow the bike down and bring it safely to a stop as effectively as possible.

Whenever you ride on the roads - either as a commuter or a racer - you often need fast, highly responsive brakes and the brake levers are key to this. The lightweight, durable and aerodynamic construction of modern road bike brake levers means that they are easy to use and even easier to apply, while the ergonomic construction means you can easily rest your fingers on the brake levers in sections of your route where you know you'll be braking frequently.

For any riders who enjoy matching the brands and parts, Tweeks Cycles stock a wide range of road bike brake levers from the biggest names allowing you to combine your Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo brake parts with the same brand of brake levers.