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Sometimes cycling shorts, whether they are baggy or Lycra are not up to the task and a set of dedicated cycling pants is the way forward. Offering extra protection from the elements as well as look considerably more relaxed than lycra shorts or tights, cycling pants offer a great alternative to the norm.

Cycling pants generally come in 2 styles, with one designed for casual cycling and commuting and the other built specifically for mountain biking. Commuter cycling pants are often highly durable, weather resistant and built to last and keep you safe on the road. With reflective detailing teamed with a casual look, these are great for all-around cycling use.

Mountain bike style cycling pants are more specialized. Many are designed to withstand the rigours of pure downhill mountain abuse and are tested at the very highest level on the World Cup circuit by the worlds best riders. Tough, rugged and incredibly stylish, no discerning downhill rider would be without a set of MTB pants!