Road Bikes

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Road bikes are the lightest style of bike available, allowing riders to make real progress along the clear routes. With their iconic drop-handle styling or more traditional flat bars, road bikes come in a number of different styles with a number of different frame options available, too.

As cycling has evolved and become more of a way of life than a sport, road bikes have adapted to suit the needs of the modern rider. Frames are now made of light but incredibly strong materials like carbon, steel and titanium meaning the rider has the stability they need for a comfortable ride without hauling along a significant weight.

If you're a commuter who rides to work regularly, or if cycling is your method of getting around town, then a road bike is quite probably the best option for you as a cyclist. With the freedom and manoeuvrability to move the bike quickly and easily, and the professional-style clip-in pedals you'll be making tracks in no time on a Scott, Cube, Genesis or GT road bike from Tweeks Cycles.