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Built for travelling at speed with their lightweight frames and aerodynamic design, road bikes are one of the most popular styles available with leading brands including Scott, Cube, GT Bicycles and Genesis to name just a few all developing a collection of stylish, comfortable and high quality road bikes for beginners and experienced riders alike.

The name road bike is actually quite an ambiguous one, with a lot of road bikes actually capable of being used across varied terrains. While the 'original' road bikes with thin wheels and drop handlebars are widely available - and the most popular - there are also a number of other styles under the road bike umbrella including cyclocross (or CX), gravel and TT bikes which all serve similar, but slightly different purposes.

Road bikes are often the go-to for competitive cyclists who enjoy long distance rides on the tarmac, and even commuters who go to and from work on two wheels, but the other styles offer riders the ability to go from the road to off-road as they please. Cyclocross bikes can be used comfortably on almost any terrain from mud to gravel and loose chippings - as well as tarmac - while gravel bikes, as the name suggests, are perfect for the loose stuff.

TT bikes are the must-have style of road bike for any rider looking to get from point A to point B in the fastest possible time. Combining their aerodynamic styling with the performance that helps triathletes and sprint cyclists to set new personal best times by reducing drag; you should think of a TT bike as a bicycle version of the famous Isle of Man TT road racing motorcycles.

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