Turbo Trainer Tyres, Mats & Accessories

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Turbo trainers and bike rollers are popular investments allowing keen cyclists to train anytime, anywhere, whatever the weather. Instead of being confined to the indoors when the weather turns nasty, turbo trainers let you rack up the miles in the warm but it's important to have all the accessories to help create the optimum riding conditions.

Our turbo trainer accessories include everything you need so that you can train your way. For instance, our range of turbo trainer tyres can be fitted to your favourite bike so that you can get used to the way it rides, feels and handles without wearing out your expensive road bike tyres. You can also make sure that you're always on level, clean ground with a turbo trainer mat. As the name suggests, place the mat underneath the turbo trainer and it'll help protect your carpet or flooring and give you the level ground to hit the road.