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If you've just splashed out on some expensive riding gear, it pays to look after it properly and thanks to our range of clothing care accessories, you can now do just that! Keeping your cycling gear in tip top condition can dramatically extend the usable life of the materials and if dropping serious coin on an expensive waterproof jacket or shorts, you'll want to get your fair share of use of it!

Our range of clothing care products is here to make sure you can keep your kit looking and feeling as good as new each time you ride so you can keep using your favourite jersey, shorts or jacket for years to come, with little loss in performance.

This is particular true of waterproof gear, as the waterproof sprays and rain repelling treatments that are applied to the fabrics can help to re-invigorate them and maintain the waterproof properties of the fabric. Should your cycling gear get particularly muddy on your ride, perhaps through the woodland trails, we've also got a range of leather cleaner to help get the mud and dirt out of your favourite shoes while our leather conditioners will keep them looking and smelling fresh