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Kids Bikes

Whether you’re buying your little one their first balance bike, taking the stabilisers off for the first time or preparing your child for their first off-road adventure, it’s important to make sure that that the bike is the right size and fit for purpose.

We have a great range of kids bike here at Tweeks, if you’re not sure what type of bike your child will need the following guide should help.


Sizing Guide

12” Bike

16” Bike

20” Bike

24” Bike













12” Bike

12” bikes come as either balance bikes, or pedal bikes with stabilisers. Balance bikes are perfect first time bikes for toddlers, they help to develop skills such as balance and control quickly enabling your child to skip the stabiliser phase all together. Stabiliser bikes are great for those with a little less confidence. 

16” Bike

Once your child has mastered the balance bike or the stabilisers it’s time to move on to their first proper pedal bike. Heavier and better equipped, the 16” bike is the first step towards an adult bike and will help your child develop the skills they will need as they get older.

20” Bike

The 20” bike is a significant milestone for a young rider, it is at this point that the bike starts to look less like a child’s bike and more like an adult’s. Introducing gears for the first time, a 20” bike usually has a single chain ring and easy to use grip-shifters.

24” Bike

The 24” bike is the last kids bike before a small adult’s bike. A 24” bike will offer very similar specs to an adult’s bike at the same price, and is the perfect steeping stone between a child’s bike and a full-size bike.

You need to keep your child as safe as possible when they are learning to ride, the first step is choosing the right bike.

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