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For more than 30 years the Saracen name has been associated with high quality bikes designed and built with passion by cyclists, for cyclists. Whether you're a competitive rider or a recreational rider who enjoys getting out on a bike with the family or friends, Saracen bikes are designed and built for you. The range includes an extensive collection of Saracen mountain bikes including the Saracen Mantra and Saracen Tufftrax hardtail mountain bikes, plus full suspension mountain bikes like the Saracen Ariel. The range that extends away from the off-road trails and onto the roads, with a collection of fast and lightweight Saracen road bikes designed to give you the extra edge whether you're a competitive road racer or a commuter. Also producing innovative adventure and e-bikes, the Saracen brand continues to expand its range and utilise some of the very latest technologies to further enhance their reputation as one of cycling's most popular and reliable brands.