Karcher Pressure Washers

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As any cyclist knows, dirt gets everywhere when you go for a ride. Whether you're having a relaxed, casual ride around the local reservoir or you're embarking on a gruelling endurance race; your bike always ends up caked in mud in some of the most bizarre and unreachable places. Rather than allowing this dirt to fix itself onto the bike, give it a quick blast with a Karcher pressure washer to get it back to its sparkling best before that tough dirt can cause any lasting damage to the frame or components. Over a period of time mud, dust and dirt can cause parts to seize and can even start to cause the frame to rust - so before you put the bike back into the shed or garage, give it a wash with a Karcher power washer and the next time you come to use your bike you'll find a shiny and clean bike ready for the next challenge - wherever it may take you.