Gamut Chain Guides

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The engineering world loves a good backstory, and cycling is no different - so merge the two and you're onto a winner! Gamut started out as a project between a father and his son, working to produce the kind of chain guide that was better than anything they could buy off the shelves back in 1999. They made their first sales at local races with the money raised paying for their entry fees to the very same competitions, and from there the name and brand began to grow. By 2003, two more members had joined the Gamut family (a second son and a close friend), and the goal then - as it is today - was to add to the joy of mountain biking with products that help to either win races or put smiles on faces. The ongoing development of Gamut bike parts, including their flagship chain guides and their growing catalogue of bars, stems, pedals and more all contribute to what makes Gamut such a popular brand in the world of mountain biking.