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A workstand is an essential part of your bicycle themed man cave if you’re serious about working on your bike. Workstands enable you to easily move around the bike to perform almost any maintenance task, from indexing gears and fitting new bottom brackets to a full bearing replacement mission and a thorough service. They’re also great for simply washing your bike, as you can remove the wheels and access all the hard to reach nooks and crannies of modern bikes, something that can be particularly challenging normally with full suspension mountain bikes.

A workstand with a wide, adjustable base is perfect for using any surface, whether it be a garage floor or a muddy field, and many can be packed down to make them easily transportable to events, so you can make running repairs to your bike if need be before or after an event. Look for stands with an adjustable head as these can make life a lot easier if you need to get to the underside of your bike to sort those pesky bottom bracket routed gear and brake cables or get the bike level so you can achieve that perfect brake bleed. Simply put, a workstand is the most important part of your tool collection and any self-respecting bike mechanic needs one in their life!