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No matter what precautions we take, cycling can be dangerous. Whether it’s danger from other road users or from trail side obstacles, it pays to invest in the right protection gear for your riding needs. A helmet is a bare essential, and thankfully we a have huge range to suit all riding styles, so if you're looking for a lightweight road cycling helmet or the latest in convertible full to open face enduro helmets, we can get you kitted out in style.

If you plan on doing more serious off-road riding, investing in some additional protection is worth it. If you want to push your limits on more challenging trails then it's almost inevitable you might get it wrong from time to time, so you'll want to check out our range of body armour that caters for everything from lightweight knee pads ideally suited to fast and furious trail riding right through to full downhill rated pressure suits that come into their own in serious alpine-style terrain.