SunRace Cassettes

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Originating from Taiwan in the early 1970s, SunRace started out by developing entry-level mountain bike components for the American and South American markets before a surge in MTB sales prompted the company to take steps to expand and develop their product offering. By the turn of the millennium SunRace had started to produce higher spec cycle components and bought an English company who specialised in gear hubs to not only gain a presence in Europe, but also to learn about what was possible in terms of bicycle gearing. Before long the company were developing a range of cassettes for all major makes and models of bikes and selling them around the world. Not only are they used by amateur cyclists, with the brand staying close to its entry-level roots, but they also provide cassettes and components to professional cycle racing teams with their industry-leading range of 10 and 11-speed cassettes in particular proving to be among the most popular. The SunRace MX3 is another popular component in the range, offering riders greater efficiency when shifting through the gears for a faster riding style.