Sportourer Saddles

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Some cyclists are of the belief that a saddle is there for a sole purpose of providing you with somewhere to sit on the bike, but it serves a much greater role than that. A bike saddle is designed to be as light, streamlined and stylish as the bike itself; enabling a rider to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible - and without the design and construction affecting the way in which the bike performs. Sportourer, an Italian company specialising in a range of road bike saddles, take all of this into consideration when they develop their saddles and they do it to great effect, too. Like most Italian brands the styling is of paramount importance, but once a rider takes to a Sportourer saddle - like the Sportourer Zeta or FLX FeC alloy saddles - they want it to provide the comfort and freedom to ride their way. Whether it's a straightforward commute to work or a long distance road race, the saddle suddenly becomes far more than a simple place to sit on the bike and becomes every bit as important a component as the brakes, gears and bars!