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Road bike pedals differ to all other types of pedals because of the ways in which riders can 'clip in' to them by wearing specialist cycling shoes. As all road cyclists are well aware, this method enables you to build up your speed and momentum in a more efficient way as each pedal stroke uses the energy of the rider much more effectively. As your confidence and ability on a road bike improves, you might start to think about ways in which you could upgrade the pedals and cleats - the connection points between the pedals and the sole of the cycling shoes - and Speedplay are a brand that have developed an excellent range of road bike pedals and cleats for this very purpose. With an extensive collection of high quality pedals and cleats, Speedplay have an excellent reputation for providing amateur and professional road cyclists with weight and energy-saving pedals that help riders to build up their speeds out on the roads. These Speedplay pedals and cleats help them to reach the finish line - or their destination, in the case of endurance riders and commuters who also benefit from these pedals - much more efficiently than they would with their factory-fitted road bike pedals.