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When the Smith brand were first formed back in 1965 their first range of products were for the ski market, with Dr Bob Smith - a keen skier himself - developing a range of goggles with sealed, thermal lenses. Over the 50 years of the company's existence, that product range has remained fairly constant with Smith still producing quality goggles and also helmets, but for a much wider market than just the winter sports. In particular, cycling has become a prime market for Smith, or Smith Optics to give them their full brand title, adapting their collection of protective head and eyewear for the two-wheeled adrenaline junkies. A company that is dedicated to providing stylish, innovative and above all effective protective clothing and equipment for a number of different sports and athletes, Smith helmets are developed using some of the lightest, but strongest materials available to provide mountain bike riders with the kind of protection that is essential for them to give it their all on the off-road and downhill trails. A Smith MTB helmet is every bit a fashionable accessory as it is a practical and essential piece of equipment, with the brand ensuring that their range of products is instantly recognisable and guaranteed to help riders look and feel good - because when you look and feel good as a rider, you have the extra confidence needed to push that little bit harder to enjoy cycling, and to win.