Skins Compression Clothing

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Compression clothing was originally developed as a training aid, fitting tightly to the body and improving the blood flow to the various muscles covered by the garments. Brands like Skins were at the forefront of the innovation, providing athletes with comfortable and stylish forms of compression clothing that included tops, leggings - or tights - shorts and more. Before long, Skins compression clothing was adapted to suit the weather conditions as well as the physical condition to the athlete. Warm-weather clothing was developed to help remove sweat from the skin while cold-weather clothing was designed to keep the athlete and muscles warm; with both aiming to help athletes to perform to the best of their abilities. In cycling, Skins compression tights are frequently worn beneath shorts to keep the leg muscles warm and free from lactic acid, also providing the added benefit of removing the need to wear trousers in the cold weather which always run the risk of getting caught in the pedals or wheels. Today, Skins compression clothing is worn by thousands - if not millions - of cyclists around the world at both amateur and professional level, helping them to stay fit and capable of performing better than ever whatever the weather and terrain have in store.