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Cycling in the winter isn't for everyone, neither is riding out in the rain, but for those who do enjoy getting out regardless of the elements it's important to have the right cycle clothing to call upon to keep you as warm and dry as possible. SealSkinz produce an extensive range of cycle clothing designed to do exactly that, with neoprene and thermal cycling gloves, socks and overshoes to keep the wind and rain away from the skin. SealSkinz gloves and socks use the latest technologies and materials to be as light as possible while also keeping riders warm, taking waterproof and windproof cycling clothing to a whole new level. With products available for both road cyclists and mountain bikers, SealSkinz cycle clothing continues to evolve and they use professional athletes to help ensure they develop and produce the next generation of high performance, waterproof cycling clothing that gets more people out on their bikes whatever the weather.