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Our huge range of components is perfect for riders looking for replacement parts or for those who have to scratch that bike-upgrade itch! From top of the range carbon wheels to simple single speed conversion kits, we’ve got all you need to get your bike ready for some action. 

If you’re bikes brakes need some attention or you just fancy the latest and greatest in braking technology then our brake section is where you want to be heading. With a full range of complete braking systems and spare parts, we can kit your bike out with the latest hydraulic disc brakes or simply inject fresh life in your existing brakes with some slick new cables or better quality brake pads.

Contact points are extremely personal and while bike manufacturers try their best, the stock handlebar, stem or saddle might not suit you or you might just want to bling your bike out with a full finishing kit from your favourite brand. Either way, our contact points section has everything from bar tape to saddle and a huge range of pedals, handlebars & stems so you can get your bike fit dialled and enjoy your next ride in unmatched comfort and control

Driving you forward is your bike’s trusty drivetrain. It might be a bit tired and in need of attention or you might just have bought all the bits for your dream custom build and want to finish the build off with the latest drivetrain. In our drivetrain section you’ll find all you need, with complete groupsets, derailleurs in all shapes, makes and sizes, gear shifters and chains & cassettes, to get you going in the right direction.

Our wheels and tyres section is where you can really geek out. Obsessed by rim depths and profile or the latest must-have rubber compound? Then you’re in the right place. Wheels and tyres can make a huge difference to your riding experience, getting the right wheelset and tyres can transform a bike from average to a staggeringly fast speed machine! Whether you want a top of the range carbon road wheelset or need some mud tyres for your MTB race next weekend, you’ll find all you need right here!