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For over 30 years, Troy Lee Designs have been the epitome of style and cool for the world’s fastest racers. Whether that be in Motocross, IndyCar, BMX or mountain biking, Troy Lee himself has expanded the company from a simple paint shop into the global giant it is today. Troy Lee Designs strive to give their customers, whether they be professional or not, products that allow them to get out there and push their limits, withstanding the punishment of both professional racing and everyday use. Racing is the ideal proving ground for innovation and by testing their products at the highest level, this innovation can be used and appreciated by all. Performance and technology are just one side of Troy Lee’s ideology. If you’re one of the fastest racers in the world in your field, you need your gear to look good while you’re racing and winning. A meticulous approach to style is a Troy Lee signature and you can be sure if you’re wearing anything from Troy Lee, you’re at the very forefront of style. And that really is the whole point of Troy Lee designs, to be the fastest, most stylish rider you can be.