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Making sure your bike is safe and secure where you are is important; nobody wants their pride and joy taken away from them by an unscrupulous individual. Any form of bike lock will act as a deterrent but if you have an expensive or at the very least a high-quality lock it's worth it’s weight in gold.

For the best quality bike locks you should look for something with a Sold Secure rating. With 3 levels available (Bronze, Silver & Gold) there is a lock to suit any value of bike and our huge range of cycle locks comes in a selection of shapes and sizes, so you can be sure you bike is protected whether its at home or locked up in a town or city. Our slim, lightweight but strong cable locks are ideal for securing your bike around narrow railings while our more heavy-duty chain locks act as a serious deterrent to potential thieves. For even more security, and fixing your bike to town or city centre cycle racks our range od bike D-Locks and U-Locks are a perfect option for securing your bike and ensuring your own peace of mind.

We also stock a range of smaller locks that perfect for locking your helmet or other accessories to your bike, ideal for those coffee shop stops to stop any opportunistic thief running off with your expensive helmet.