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While flat pedals are still popular in the mountain bike world, if you want to go fast there can be little doubt that a set of clipless MTB pedals are the way forward. Being able to put down the power in complete control makes technical climbs easier and while there should be no substitute for good technique, clipless pedals can make it easier to move the bike around and they certainly ensure your feet stay firmly planted on the pedals over rough and loose terrain; giving you far greater control over the bike.

We stock a range of clipless mountain bike pedals to suit all budgets, preferences and riding styles with smaller, lighter pedals favoured by XC riders while much bigger platform pedals offer significantly more support for downhill riders pushing the limits.

As with most things in the MTB world, the rise of Enduro racing has had a significant impact, with a vast array pedals now treading a happy middle ground between small XC pedals and larger downhill-style pedals, so if you enjoy the climbs as much as the descents these mid-sized pedals are worth checking out! If you get your MTB kicks clipped in, this the place to find yourself a brand new set of pedals for your mountain bike.