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Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes are one of the most important pieces of kit a cyclist will own. Your shoes connect you to the bike, and play a significant role in comfort and performance. Once you have owned a pair of cycle specific shoes you will never ride without them again, and wish you had bought them sooner. If you want to get the most out of your bike, then cycle shoes are essential.

We have a great range of cycle shoes here at Tweeks, the following guide should help you decide which ones you need.

Road Bike Shoes

Road bike shoes are low-profile, lightweight and stiff, well ventilated and have slick soles. Designed purely for use on the bike, road bike shoes offer greater performance and comfort but are only suitable for walking very short distances. If you only ride on the roads, then you will be needing road bike shoes.

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are tough, weather resistant, feature grippy soles to allow you to safely walk on slippery trails, give greater control over the bike and provide vital protection in the event of a crash. If you mainly ride off-road, mountain bike shoes are the shoes for you.

Leisure Cycling Shoes

Leisure cycling shoes are perfect for commuting or nipping to the shops. Designed to be used on and off the bike, leisure cycling shoes look like normal shoes but are clipless compatible. If you don’t want to change your shoes after a ride, then leisure cycling shoes are the answer.

Offering greater comfort, control and performance - cycling shoes are essential kit for any serious cyclist.

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Mountain Bike Shoes   Road Bike Shoes   Shoe Spares            
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