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Bont Riot TR Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Bont Riot TR Triathlon Cycling Shoes
Bont Riot TR Triathlon Cycling Shoes
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Microfiber Upper
Carbon Composite Construction
Independent Double Velcro Closure System
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Introducing The Bont Riot TR, The Worlds First Carbon Composite Heat Moldable Entry Level Triathlon Shoe, Set At A Very Competitive Price Point.

Riot TR:

Manufactured from a microfiber upper to provide a strong outer layer to withstand rigours cycling, whilst the mesh inserts deliver incredible breathability and comfort. The carbon composite construction of the riot has been designed to deliver optimum performance and low weight capability’s. The fiberglass construction of the chassis has been strengthened using carbon across high stress areas, the carbon sandwiched between the fiberglass provides a very stiff platform delivering immense power transfer as you stomp the cranks and transfer all you efforts to the road.

With all the thought gone into providing such a great platform it’s nice to see that no compromise has been made on providing incredible comfort. The shoes lightweight design paired with premium ventilation deliver superior levels of comfort. Independent double velcro closure system allows for maximum adjustability for the perfect comfort fit.

Conventional cycling shoes offer a “dress shoe” type shaping. Although highly aesthetic this will cause the toes along with the metatarsals to be overly constricted, compressing the nerves between the metatarsals which often results in the common "hot foot" sensation.

Bont cycling shoes anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position. The foot is supported in its endeavour to relax through the metatarsal joints allowing the pedalling force to be spread across the greatest possible surface area.

Bont’s lateral forefoot support ensures neutral positioning of the forefoot and alleviates common issues associated with over pronation and supination. These issues often result in incorrect tracking of knees causing injuries along with hip and lower back pain.

Bont cycling shoes are the most heat mouldable shoes available on the market. Bont's proprietary resin has been developed and perfected over 36 years to be an extremely stiff resin that becomes pliable at relatively low temperatures. Unlike other shoes which are mouldable only in select locations, all Bont cycling shoes are able to be moulded over the entire chassis providing cyclists not only with the most anatomically designed cycling shoe on the market today, but also with the ability to fine tune the fit of the entire shoe to give a customised fit. Please view the Video tab above for a guide on how to heat mould your Bont shoes at home.

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