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Connecting your bottom bracket to the pedals, the crankset on a bike is one of the most advanced components made from strong but lightweight materials. As part of the advancements, many cranks these days are made with a crank puller built in, allowing you to fit a crank tool into it and to remove it if you need to perform any kind of maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

Upgrading the crankset can help to improve performance and lighten the overall weight of a road bike further, so investing in a crank tool does make a lot of sense when you think about it. It also obscures a number of other components and you may find that using a crank tool to remove it and open up the amount of space available for you to get to work makes life simpler. All incredibly small and taking up little to no room in your workshop or tool box, a crank tool is an excellent addition if you like getting hands on with your bike and we've got a number of great crank tools from the likes of Park Tool, Shimano and Topeak - all experts when it comes to the crankset and drivetrain on a bike.