Tacx Turbo Trainers

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For an innovative, technologically-advanced and high performance form of training, look no further than a Tacx cycle trainer. Turbo trainers have become increasingly popular forms of cycle training in recent years, enabling riders to remove one of the wheels from their favourite bikes in favour of a roller for the most realistic form of indoor cycle training available. Capable of replicating everything from inclines to gearing, a Tacx Flux 2 smart trainer is the brand's leading turbo trainer which can be combined with a laptop or television screen to ride genuine cycle stages from the flat roads to the toughest mountains. Of course, the Flux 2 is by no means the brand's only turbo trainer option and they also offer a silent, accurate smart trainer called the Tacx Neo 2 which operates in a similar way by enabling the rider to remove one wheel and get down to training whenever time allows. No more excuses for it being too cold or too wet outside, simply set up your bike using a Tacx cycle trainer and eat up the miles in your own time to keep the wheels turning ahead of your next event.