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Opened in Canada in 1987, Sugoi is a brand with a commitment to providing high performance, versatile and durable clothing for cyclists and triathletes. Using some of the very best materials available to design and develop their cycle clothing range, Sugoi use their surroundings in Vancouver as inspiration for what they should be producing for their customers. Over the last 30 years, Sugoi have constantly revitalised each of their products, whether it's a waterproof cycling jacket or a lightweight cycle jersey, to ensure that they meet the needs of modern cyclists - and the cyclists of the future. Having partnered with a number of high-flying professional cyclists to develop their collection, Sugoi ensure that each item of clothing is of elite-level standard for professional athletes and recreational cyclists alike. Cycling is a sport where the needs change all the time, whether it's weight-saving or something that helps to improve fitness, and Sugoi use the latest technologies to stay ahead of the game, delivering award-winning and innovative cycle clothing like the Sugoi zap jacket ahead of its time.