Biknd Bike Travel Bags

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If you enjoy exploring new trails or cycling around some of the most beautiful cities and countries in the world then make sure that you've got what you need to take your bike with you. It's a common misconception that you have to hire a bike while you're away if you want to get around, or that you have to mount it to your vehicle if you're staycationing, as Biknd have developed a highly innovative range of bike travel bags and cases that keep your beloved bike in the best possible condition. No more bumps and scratches, no more praying that your bike reaches your destination in one piece. Let the Biknd Helium and Jetpack bike cases protect your bike so you can ride off and explore the moment you arrive. The technologically advanced Biknd Helium v4 inflates to provide the vital support where your bike needs it most, keeping it in showroom condition before you hit the road or mountain.