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Bike Trailers

Bike trailers can be the perfect solution for transporting children or heavy loads whilst on your bike. If you want to be able to pack enough equipment and supplies for a week-long adventure, do your weekly shop on your bike or transport your children safely, then a bike trailer is the only answer. Bike trailers generally fall into two categories: children’s bike trailers and luggage bike trailers. The following guide should help you decide which is best for you.

Children’s Bike Trailers

Children’s bike trailers are a more functional alternative to the traditional children’s bike seat. Often design to accommodate more than one child, children’s bike trailers offer extra storage and greater stability on the bike. If you want to take you kids with you on your cycling adventures before they can ride bikes of their own, you’ll be needing a children’s bike trailer.

Luggage Bike Trailers

Luggage bike trailers as designed specifically for transporting luggage and are not suitable for transporting children. Designed around a single wheel, luggage bike trailers are typically smaller, lighter, more agile and more efficient - perfect for long days in the saddle where performance is key. If you don’t need to be able to transport children, then a luggage bike trailer will always be the best option.

A bike trailer is an incredible piece of kit that can completely transform your cycling. Being able to escape on a multiday adventure, take your kids to nursery or do your shopping will enable you to ride your bike more and use your car less. 

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