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Bike Storage

Leaving your bike outside not only increases the chances of theft, but also exposes your bike to the elements which can cause irreversible damage over time. Keeping your bike safe from thieves and protected from the weather is essential if you want to enjoy your bike for years rather than weeks. The following guide will help you decide the best way to go about it.

Floor Stands

Floor stands are the cheapest and simplest method of storing a bike. There are two types of floor stands, basic racks and display stands. Basic racks can usually hold more than one bike and simply feature a slot to accommodate the wheel of a bike. Display stands are for single bikes and often feature a spring-loaded mechanism to stabilise the bike. If you have plenty of floor space, a floor stand is a cost-effective solution.

Freestanding Racks

Freestanding racks are perfect when mounting a rack to a wall isn’t an option and floor space is limited. Freestanding racks are often designed to hold more than one bike, are easily transportable and take up minimal space.

Wall Mounts

Wall Mounts are perfect for those that have limited space and want to keep their bikes off the floor. They can be used anywhere where there is a strong wall and can even be used to display a bike within the home. Wall mounts offer improved security as the bike can be locked to the mount, but require the most installation and are the least portable.  

Bike Hoists

Bike Hoists are great for maximising space in room with a high ceiling but limited wall and floor space. Perfect for freeing up space in a garage, a bike hoist uses a pully system to store your bike close to the ceiling where it is safe and out of the way.

The bike storage that you need will depend on your budget and the space that you have available. Whatever style you choose, is it vital to ensure that your bike is kept in a secure place with protection from the elements. 

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