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If you're serious about running and training or just want to keep an eye on how you're fitness is progressing, you'll need a method of tracking your fitness. Luckily, there's a huge range of different fitness trackers available that allow you to do just that! From Watches, heart rate monitors through to a humble set of scales, you be sure to find what you need here. Our range of technically advanced watches give you all the information you could need and some even have GPS and phone mirroring built into them! Heart rate monitors are great on the go, allowing you to keep in the zone and away from the red; you really don't your heart rate going to high to early! Even a set of scales can help you keep on track and not just by measuring only your weight; many now have the capacity to measure your BMI and muscle mass, so you can track your progress in more detail than ever before! Simply put, if you want to keep tabs on your fitness levels, this is the place to be!