Castelli Cycling Clothing

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Castelli can trace its roots way back to 1876, to a fine tailor in Milan called Vittore Gianni. Over the years, Gianni clothed football teams such as AC Milan & Juventus before moving on to cycle clothing in the 1910’s for World Champion and five-time Giro D’italia winner Alfredo Binda. In 1935 a young Amando Castelli joined Gianni’s company and preceded to buy it in 1939 where it has stayed ever since, eventually rebranding to be known by the family name, Castelli, in 1974. Since then Castelli has continued to clothe the world’s best in stylish and practical Italian cycle clothing, constantly innovating and moving their products to the next level, from their first Lycra cycle shorts in 1977 all the way to through to the introduction of the now ubiquitous Gabba cycling jersey in 2010. Castelli pride themselves on being racers, and everything they’ve learned from years of racing and riding at the very top level is lovingly transferred into their range, offering a blend of Italian style with impeccable performance. So if you buy Castelli, you can be sure that all of their jackets, jerseys and shorts have been designed, built and tested to be the very best, and nothing but the best.