Bike Frame Protection

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There’s nothing worse than spinning away on your first ride on your new bike, only to then crash and damage it. It might only be superficial, but it still takes the shine off your ride, literally and metaphorically! Even if your bike is not fresh out of the showroom, it pays to keep it looking fresh and this is where our range of Frame Protection comes in.

From bike frame protection patches and tape to protective sprays, you can be sure to find something that will help keep your bike looking like new. Clear or textured patches and tapes are perfect for protecting your frame from cable run and general wear and tear. Fed up of hearing your chain making a mess of your frame’s paint as well giving your ears a beating? Invest in a chainstay protector and you can whisk along in silence, safe in the knowledge that your bike’s paint will come out the other side intact. If you want to keep your bike your bike looking a million dollars, this is the place to start.