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Mountain Bike Shoes
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Bike Specific Shoes are one of the most important pieces of kit a cyclist will own. Your shoes connect you to the bike, and play a significant role in comfort and performance. Mountain bike shoes are tough, weather resistant, feature grippy soles to allow you to safely walk on slippery trails, give greater control over the bike and provide vital protection in the event of a crash.

We have a great range of mountain bike shoes here at Tweeks, the following guide should help you decide which ones you need.

Flats or Clipless

Flat pedals are standard platform pedals equipped with multiple pins for grip, confusingly named clipless pedals feature cleats that clip your shoes into the pedals. If you’re new to mountain biking flats are easier to use and are the cheaper option, more experienced riders may wish to investigate clipless pedals for improved pedalling performance.

Sole Flexibility

Cheaper Mountain bike shoes have soles with greater flex for improved comfort off the bike, more expensive shoes have stiffer soles for better power transfer. Sole flexibility preference depends on how highly you value comfort in relation to performance.


If you need a specific winter shoe it will need to be waterproof and warm, whereas a summer shoe will need to be breathable with good ventilation. If you plan to buy a single pair of shoes to use all year round, you will need a versatile shoe that offers protection from the elements but stays comfortable in warmer weather.

Closure System

There are several closure systems available, the most common being lace, Velcro, BOA and ratchet. Closure systems are often used in combination and are usually decided by personal preference and budget.

Offering greater comfort, control and protection - mountain bike shoes are essential kit for any off-road rider.

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