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Choosing Cycle Jackets

Riding a bike in cool or damp weather can affect your performance and endurance, so it's important to wear an adequate number of layers. Despite the level of body heat generated whilst riding, a cold climate will still affect you. And, as with walking, jogging, or climbing, it is better to have too many layers available than not enough. So, cycling jackets can prove essential - but what should you look for when buying one? Everyone will have their own preferences (in terms of colour, fit, design style), but there are a number of things to bear in mind before you make your purchase.


Waterproof - This option is more likely to be decided by the time of year as well as the locations you typically cycle in, and the length of time you invest in it. For example, spending hours at a time in open territory on a wet day will leave you more exposed, whereas riding in a dense forest will grant you a small degree of cover. There is also the question of whether you would feel more comfortable in a light or heavy jacket, and which variety will . At Tweeks Cycles, our waterproof cycling jackets are available in a wide selection of styles, allowing you to find one which is suited to your unique needs.


Reflective fabrics - Many cyclists feel that wearing clothing with a high-level of visibility is essential, as it adds an extra degree of safety. This is particularly important for those who mainly use their bike on busy roads rather than country lanes or cycle paths. If this is a method of commuting to work, this will be highly beneficial, particularly if riding at night or during early winter mornings or evenings. It is also beneficial if riding through woods or on foggy days, where visibility may be reduced.


Breathability - For many cyclists, breathability is a vital requirement in their clothing. A jacket which is breathable will allow the wearer to remain cool as they exert themselves, meaning that they are less likely to overheat and so will not see much of an adverse effect on their performance. This is more suited to those who prefer vigorous biking, as they will be generating up greater body heat. Our range of mountain bike jackets offer high breathability, as well as additional features such as detachable hoods and underarm venting.

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