Zipp Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheels
Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheels
Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheels
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Updating Zipp's legendary 202 with Firecrest, these carbon clinchers turn the climbers companion into an amazing performer on all sorts of terrain.  The wider section of the rim stays wide all the way down to near the spoke seat, which is wind tunnel proven to reduce aerodynamic drag and the effect of sidewinds.  It also has the added benefit of building into a stiff wheel to aid acceleration and general handling.

Combine this with Zipp's Carbon Clincher technology, which has a unique heat-resistant resin to minimise any possibility of overheating, and you have a superb set of all-round wheels that will just happen to fly uphill.

The Firecrest profile and aero dimples smooth out the air around the rim to cut through the wind, feeling more like a deeper section rim, but offering the stability and sidewind resistance of shallow rims.  Of course, the light weight will help getting up any sort of incline, practically floating up the high mountains.

Laced to the rims, you'll find Zipp's new 88 and 188 hubs.  These are 11 speed compatible and have had numerous small advancements.  The overall width (OLD) is increased very slightly, but enough to gain a little stiffness, a new freehub design and new Swiss bearings, reducing friction that equates to a 340g weight drop on an 8% incline.  Contact seals protect from water ingress but can be removed to save roughly 1 Watt if desired and the conditions are right.

Great handling, comfortable, rock solid and amazing climbing, the 202s are a formidable set of wheels.

Front: 625g
Rear: 750g
Pair: 1375g

Max Rider Weight: 250lbs

In 1988 Zipp began when a racecar engineer saw a rudimentary aluminium disc wheel and knew that he could make a better one from carbon fibre.

From Tour de France winners and Ironman champions to engineers and composite technicians, the collaborative spirit of a diverse group of individuals is the foundation of everything Zipp do. Engineers develop concepts and use the wind tunnel and in-house test lab to refine prototypes built by the expert team of fabricators. Pro athletes and team mechanics provide feedback on real-world performance, in and out of competition. Technicians in Speedway, Indiana, lay sheets of carbon fibre by hand and examine every millimetre of the finished product for the tiniest flaw. Lacing, tensioning and truing every wheel by hand.

The creativity, dedication, experience and hard work of this community form a process unlike any other. At each step along the way there's just one goal - to create the world's fastest wheels and components.

For every rider, every discipline and every ability level, aero wheels make a difference. Every test Zipp has ever run has confirmed this basic truth and they’ve never seen data from anyone else that argues differently.

With the revolutionary Firecrest rim shape in their 303, 404, 808 Tubulars and Carbon Clinchers, Zipp wheels make a bigger difference in more ways than ever. Not only is Firecrest more aerodynamic than any other rim design, it improves handling in crosswinds, wheel strength and overall ride quality.

More speed.

Discovered as they developed their Carbon Clinchers, Firecrest refocused their thinking to concentrate not only on the front half of the wheel, but also the back half. Previous rim shapes were designed to smooth airflow coming off the tyre and tapered inward from the widest point of a toroidal bulge. But Firecrest rims have a less pronounced bulge and maintain a near-constant width almost all the way to the spoke bed. Without giving up the proven benefits of the toroidal shape, Firecrest is the first aero profile that effectively controls airflow around the back half of the wheel.

The performance benefits are substantial. The 303 Firecrest (45mm rim depth) is 8 percent faster than the wheel that took victories at Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders. With Firecrest, the 404 Tubular (58mm rim depth) matches the aero performance of the pre-Firecrest 808 (81mm depth). And the 808 Tubular is faster than any competitor’s 90mm rim. At Kona, the women’s course record in the grueling 112-mile cycling leg was set using a 404 Firecrest-808 Firecrest combo.

More stability.

During the design process, Zipp realized that the advanced mathematics and massive computing power that helped them create a faster wheel could also help reduce the impact of crosswinds on handling. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), they’ve discovered subtle variations in rim shape that improve stability without increasing aerodynamic drag. By moving the center of pressure – the focal point of side forces on the rim – to its optimal location near the steering axis, Firecrest offers stable, predictable handling at every wind angle. In real-world conditions, Firecrest rims are markedly more stable than other rims of equal or even shallower depth.

More strength.

As Zipp discovered with designs like the Paris-Roubaix and two-time Tour of Flanders-winning 303, a wider rim increases lateral stiffness for sprinting and cornering yet offers greater vertical compliance for more control, comfort, and durability on rough surfaces. The same holds true for Firecrest rims, including the new 303 Firecrest. In both tubular and Carbon Clincher versions, the wider design better protects tires and places more rubber on the road while cornering without adding rolling resistance.

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32mm Deep Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rim
11 Speed Compatible Hub
88/188 Hubs w/ Stainless Steel Bearings
Includes Valve Extension, Inner Tubes, QR Skewers and Brake Pads
Superlight at 1375g Pair
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