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Not many bicycle manufacturers can trace their history back 50 years, let alone over 100 years like Wilier Triestina. The actual date was 1906 when a trader from Bassano called Pietro Dal Molin came up with the idea of building bikes on his own account. The company name originated as an acronyn for the phrase ''W I Italia Liberara e redenta'', where the W is an abbreviation for ''Viva!'' (Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed). The proper pronunciation of the name is /Vee-lee-air Tree-es-tee-na/.

In the first post-war period, Mario, one of Dal Molin's sons, gained the leadership of Wilier and he began a constant perfectioning of the bicycles through Chorium and Nickel plating. It was these years that bicycles became even more important as a main mode of transport. As a result of this demand Dal Molin decided to set up a professional team captained by the triestin Giordano Cottur, well-known for succeeding no less than Gino Bartali during the Bassano-Monte Grappa lap for amateurs. In the same time, according to the common feeling of uneasiness about the fate of Trieste, Dal Molin decided to associate the name of this julian town to that of his own firm. In this way, in Autumn 1945 the Wilier Triestina was born, distinguished by its red copper-coloured bicycles, which later became an authentic trade-mark. 

For the remaining years of the 40's may big races including the Giro d'Italia were won on Wilier bikes and as such demand was so high for the bikes that they were making 200 bicycles a day supported by the efforts of 300 employees. As the company was booming in the early 50's the first phase of the Italian reconstruction brought about the ''economic miracle'' and as a result people gave up on bikes in favour of scooters and motorbikes and as a result many bicycle manufacturers suffered including Wilier who shut down operations in 1952.

Thankfully in 1969 the Gastaldello brothers from Rossano Veneto bought the Wilier Triestina trademark and set out to design some of the world greatest bikes for both the general public and the pro peloton. The first pro team of the Gastaldello era was the Mecap Hoonved squad of Mario Beccia in 1979, who won a stage in the Giro d'Italia that year. Wilier continued to have success amongst pro riders during the 80's, however it was the 90's when people really started to take notice of Wilier. Not only had they moved its headquarters to Via Fratel Venzo they were also sponsoring Mercatone Uno, and therefore sponsoring Marco Pantani. As well as sponsoring Mercatone, Wilier have sponsored many pro teams over the years including Liquigas, Cofidis and Team Lampre to name just a few. 

Even in the last 4 years many pro riders have ridden to many memorable victories on Wilier Triestana bikes including Allesandro Pettachi who won the green jersey at the 2010 Tour de France and Michele Scarponi who won his first Giro d'Italia in 2011 (awarded victory later after the disqualification of Alberto Contador).

The era of the Wilier Triestana continues today with many exciting new models that are being used by many amateur cyclists as well as pro cyclists. In the last decade, and especially since 2008-due to the success of International cycling and of new models including the Izoard XP, GTR 105, Zero 9 and Cento 1, Wilier Triestina continues to increase and consolidate its presence in the international market.


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