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About Gloves
An Outstanding Selection of Gloves - When buying cycle clothing and equipment, cycling gloves may not seem quite as essential to your kit as wicking jerseys or helmets, but using them does bring a great many benefits. At Tweeks Cycles, we have a vast range of styles at outstanding prices, giving you a fantastic selection to choose from. What Benefits Do Gloves Have? - Cycle gloves can give you a better degree of grip and control. This is of much greater value to people who enjoy lengthy bike sessions, as opposed to someone who simply uses it in short bursts. This is also true of those who enjoy mountain biking, during which the hands will need to maintain a tight grip on the handlebars. With the amount of high-speed movement and jolts that are caused while riding over rough terrains, the handlebars can easily cause uncomfortable chafing to bare palms. Investing in a pair of mountain bike gloves can prevent this, and therefore increase your enjoyment - and perhaps even your performance? No matter what variety of biking gloves you are looking for, we can help you find the right match for your needs. Our range includes various top brands which are favoured by seasoned professionals, meaning you can enjoy the same levels of comfort, warmth and protection as the pros. Our selection includes gloves with highly reflective trims, giving you a high level of visibility during night rides, as well as waterproof gloves for autumn and winter wear. These are designed and developed to maximize protection against moisture, meaning that your hands will stay dry and your concentration unhindered. Looking for Mitts? - We also stock an incredible range of cycling mitts, which are ideal for an enhanced grip and padded palm protection in warmer weather. These are incredibly popular with cyclists who enjoy longer endurance rides, and with designs from various top manufacturers at incredible prices, there are mitts to suit all kinds of preferences and riding habits. Come to the Experts - At Tweeks Cycles, we are passionate about helping you find the perfect gloves to suit your needs, whether it is a simple pair of mitts or some vibrant mountain biking gloves. As we have years of experience behind us, our team has a wealth of in-depth knowledge, enabling them to offer advice and information on any of our products.
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